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Custom Photo Freshie

Custom Photo Freshie

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Unscented Felt Freshie
This is what your car has been missing!!
Image is printed on both sides.
2ML scent bottle available for just $3.00 - spray as little as you want or as much as you want!
These car freshies (air fresheners) are made from felt. The size is 3"x4". They are on a stretchy cord for easy hanging. You can choose to get the freshie with just the hang cord only or add a coordinating colored bead and tassel to give them extra pizazz (we choose the colors)! They come sealed in a bag to retain freshness. Unlike other freshies that have to be thrown away once the scent dissipates, you can purchase a small scent spray to refresh the scent over and over! Simply spray desired amount of fragrance onto the felt freshie to enjoy a prolonged scent. You can spritz the scent in your car, closet, dresser drawer, etc also


Disclaimer: While we use all-natural fragrance oils, some people may be allergic to some ingredients in this product. Avoid direct contact with skin or eyes. Do not lay this product directly on your dash, fabric, leather, or other materials inside your vehicle as the oils may stain these products. Some states have passed laws making it illegal to hang items from your rear view mirror that may obstruct your view while driving. Please check local laws in your area and abide by those laws. We are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle or for tickets, etc acquired by misuse of our products.

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